• Velious – An Underdog Story
    In Everquest, Guild News, Raids
    Why hello there! Funny running into you here on the website. Spending most of my days making snow forts in the various new snow zones and throwing snowballs at adventurers running …"
  • A new chapter on Test Server…
    In Everquest, Guild News, Satire
    Magic and Melee has banded together once again to form yet another new chapter. This time, the chapter takes place on test server in Everquest. Focusing primarily on Velious …"
  • M&M: Mangler gets a new Dungeon Master!
    In Everquest, Guild News
    Exciting news from Everquest on the Mangler Time-Locked Progression server. Within the management ranks of Magic and Melee, Guide Durtt has been promoted to Dungeon Master. Durtt …"
  • Helena and Hempo assume the Guide position
    In Everquest, Guild News
    Breaking news from Magic and Melee: Mangler… Some recent promotions has everyone cheering and congratulating Hempo and Helena as they have been promoted to the Guide …"
  • As the Kunark Summer Concludes…
    In Everquest
    “Suvus has released his end of kunark video and fans are loving it!” A pristine compilation of raid footage and general tomfoolery filmed in HD with the soothing and …"
  • Meet The Guide: Mamma
    In Everquest, Guild News
    I had a few minutes to go and meet Mamma, a guide of Magic and Melee, for a coffee and we had a great conversation about the game and guild. I began with an easy question as I …"
  • Meet The Guide: Suvus
    In Everquest, Guild News
    I had a few minutes to sit down with Suvus, a guide of Magic and Melee, to ask him a few questions to get to know the man behind the character. I began by asking him about his …"
  • Dragons, Dragons… and more Dragons.
    In Everquest, Guild News
    Is it just me or are there a lot of fucking dragons in Kunark? I swear to Tunare all I see are dragons everywhere we go. Green dragons, red dragons, white dragons.. you name it. …"
  • Trakanon down!
    In Everquest, Guild News
    Trakanon down x2 and we’re not even a week into Kunark! Does anyone know a dentist cause I see way more teeth in his mouth than we get. I won’t lie. I completely …"
  • Classic Lullaby
    In Everquest, Guild News
    Just a quick, how-do-you-do post. We are here… just doing our thing. Typical 3 splitting content and stuff like that. Totally in the Classic lull. I’m in such a lull …"